Starry Night Cafe 2018

On January 5, I kept a New Year resolution for 2018 to perform my songs locally. I played at Starry Night Cafe in Fort Collins, Colorado for a bunch of friends and some tea-sipping strangers. Thanks, friends, for supporting me with your smiling faces and hearty applause. I played mostly covers and a few originals. I will play at this cafe again on April 6, 7-8pm. Come for the good tea, desserts, happy faces, and free music!

Come listen. I will be playing again on Friday, April 6th 7-8pm.

Come listen. I will be playing again on Friday, April 6th 7-8pm.

Guitar Instrumentals for the 2nd Annual EXPRESSIONS Art Exhibition

I had the honor to play a series of my instrumental guitar pieces on August 4, 2017 for the 2nd annual EXPRESSIONS Art Exhibition that featured the work of Steve Germaine, Kay Dudek, Steve Grey-Wilson, Nelia Harper, Patty Hughes, Jennifer Spencer, Christine M Torrez, and Laura G Young. I wrote all of the instrumentals explicitly for this wonderful exhibit at the Carnegie Center for Creativity in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

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Equal Justice

Many Death Row inmates in the U.S. have been found innocent and set free. How many? 158 and counting. The Equal Justice Initiative's legal team is responsible for some of those releases. This group also fights for justice in other ways. They are raising awareness about the history of lynching, which occurred in the Deep South and in the North. (My song "North Country Too" tells of a case in Minnesota.) In 2018, the Equal Justice Initiative will open The Memorial To Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama, allowing us to learn and remember the regrettable truth about lynching. 

Creating New Music

This song chronicles my dissatisfaction with my living situation at the time, a situation I wanted to escape, but a situation I realized I could not escape by physically leaving. I had to transform how I thought about the situation. I had to abandon my concern with my being treated unjustly. I had to begin practicing a deeper, more difficult, type of love, toward someone who did not deserve love.

Photography by Amy Yackel Adams