Rod Adams, also known as Bound to the Ground, is an acoustic guitar player from Fort Collins, Colorado. With over 35 years of playing and songwriting experience, Rod finds inspiration from the simple facets of daily life and the news. Rod is a philosophy teacher and urban farmer practicing regenerative farming at Sunspot Urban Farm. His songs are rooted in this work. 

"Life is hard. We all know this, even when we say, 'Life is good.' We each develop personal ways of coping with life's difficulties. My way is to transform events into songs."

"Reality is beautiful, encrusted in ugliness and tedium. We can be distracted by the latter and seek an escape route, a fantasy. Another way is to face reality until its beauty is revealed. I seek the latter."

I want my music to lift us up and my lyrics to knock us down. 

Photography by Amy Yackel Adams